Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Moving Along, Stage Two of Painting

In my last blog post, I decided to photograph my progress on a new (yet untitled) painting. What you see above and below are paintings in what I consider the 2nd or middle phase of development. On the top photo, I've used tape to "redraw" the angles and shapes and to straighten out the edges. Painters tape is something I started using a lot with the Nooks & Crannies series. I find it helps me to visualize where I'm going. I should have taken the time to take a photograph with the tape on, but I was deep into working and didn't think of it.

In addition, I've started to work with value and color. At this point, I'm probably at least 6 hours into the painting process.

I decided that the wall on the left and in the middle (with banister) needed some texture. I made a mixture of Golden fine pumic and coarse pumice and spread them on with a palette knife. The gel is pretty opaque and covered most of the paint, which is why it looks lighter. I'll go in and repaint it when it dries.

In addition, I did more work on the foreground and ceiling. I'm probably into the 9th hour of painting at this point.

This has nothing to do with anything, exactly. Believe it or not, there's a butterfly (hidden by a shadow) on the far right flower. So much for nature photography! I do love the colors in this photo, though, taken right outside my studio door, even though it's out of focus, etc.

My husband pointed out that the colors kind of correspond to my current painting.

By the way, I'm mentioning the amount of time it's taking me on this painting because I usually don't pay much attention. I just know I put vast amounts of time into every piece. The middle phase is by far the longest and hardest for me.

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Andytgeezer said...

Wow! Awesome to see these all together!