Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Attempt at an Income Stream

Above is a box I assembled and then painted. I was doing quite a lot of this a couple years ago. It's great fun, a nice change from painting, and I thought it would be a good product to bring in some income.

As it turns out, I did sell quite a few. The downside is that I figured out I was making about 20 cents an hour. I could have made more collecting and selling empty cans!

So, I'm still making the occasional box. But mostly just for gifts. This box is headed to Philadelphia, a birthday present for my son's significant other. (Full disclosure–it was supposed to be her Christmas gift last year. Didn't complete it then. Now it's done, with a few additional actual birthday goodies hidden in the drawers of the box.)

Another view.

With the small drawers open.

Happy Birthday, Corinne.

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