Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twenty-Five, the Big Number

Today, February 25, is my 25th wedding anniversary. I am very lucky to be married to the most wonderful, smart, creative, talented and supportive person I could ever have wished for.

One of the really inspiring things about Jim is the way in which he has always followed his dreams. The profession of photography has taken many twists and turns, being changed by technology as the camera has moved from film to digital, and the computer has taken on more and more critical importance. Keeping up isn't enough. A really smart person has to be ahead of the curve. Jim has always done that. He got savvy about computers way back when, is an expert at transforming both film and digital images into works of art, and knows more about how to use the internet than I can imagine.

Years ago, he had the vision of a project about US Route 89, which runs from Canada to Mexico through some of the most fascinating country in the western United States. A huge project, with more potential that either of us ever imagined, is one that I'm also involved in. See what we're up to at

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James Cowlin said...

Thank you, Barbara. It has been a wonderful 25 years and I'm looking forward to the next 25. I'm also looking forward to getting back out on the road to share the work and pleasure of the US Route 89 project. Your work has given me new insight into the creative process that has nothing to do with the technical stuff. I'm glad we're making art together. All my love.