Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Here is another group of boxes. I wandered around the alleys in Ajo, while walking my dog. I noticed how beautiful the old corrugated tin sheds were, with their multiple layers of paint peeling away. Maybe most people wouldn’t categorize these as beautiful, but I did. Anyway, I took a series of digital photographs. What you see are transfers from the photos onto wooden boxes. I added painted edges and sides on some of the boxes. Are they beautiful? I think so. If you do, too, than I’ve succeeded at convincing you that there are lots of little slivers of beauty out there.

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Jennifer Papp said...

Hi Mrs. Cowlin!
For english class this year, we have blogs so I can see your blog!
I really like these boxes, it is such a nice idea and they are so pretty!
it was really nice seeing you the other day too!
-Jenny Papp